A fast general purpose sorting software

Our unsorted todo list
  • Better statistics done v0.5.0
  • Wide character support
  • Key consolidation done v0.3.0
  • EBCDIC support
  • User controlled I/O
  • User defined collating sequences
  • Date and time keys of various formats
  • Stable sorting done v0.5.0
  • Error reporting with error stack done v0.2.0
  • Complete test suite
  • DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • Report generator
  • Multiple temporary files done v0.4.0
  • Merge already sorted inputs done v0.5.0
  • GUI
  • Built in and user defined input and output filters
  • Plug-ins
  • Network distribution
  • Win32/64 port
  • Solaris port done v0.2.0
  • Tru64 port
  • AIX port
  • HPUX port
  • User defined comparisons