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Compiling - How to compile and install opensort and libopensort

Opensort does not have a configure script yet. Makefile understands the
following environment variables:
 CC  defines the compiler. Default is cc.
 LD defines the linker. Default is CC.
 AR defines the archiver.  Default is ar.
 ARFLAGS passes options to the archiver. Default is -crs.
 CFLAGS   passes options to the compiler.
 CPPFLAGS passes option to the preprocessor.
 LDFLAGS passes linking options to the linker.
 LIBS passes the libraries, to the linker, the executables will be linked against.
 PREFIX  defines the install prefix of the header files and the CLI utility.
         Default is /usr.
 LIBPREFIX  defines the install path (eg /usr/lib64) of the static library
            and the shared library. Default is PREFIX/lib
Adding -DSPLICE in CPPFLAGS, the CLI option -directio and the OS_UNBUFFERED
API flag will become noops. Opensort will use the splice(2) system call of
Linux, instead of O_DIRECT.  Under non-Linux systems -DSPLICE will be
The 'make install' command will install opensort, libopensort and its
header files to the directory defined by the PREFIX environment variable.
 $ CC=gcc  CFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=native" \
   PREFIX=/usr/local LIBPREFIX=/usr/local/lib64 make install
The above command builds and installs opensort to /usr/local/bin,
and libopensort.a to /usr/local/lib64 creating the symlink to and opensort.h, opensort_defs.h, opensort_errors.h to
For the moment, only the Linux platforms have been tested.
NOTICE: Only GNU Make 3.79 or later can understand the Makefiles of the
Opensort project.

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